Frequently asked questions

SMS is the short form of Short Message Service. This is the way to send short text messages directly to mobile phones. An SMS message has a maximum length of 160 characters.

We provide methods to send SMS (messaging) one by one or in bulk. Fair Message Cost, Zero upfront cost and Fast Delivery are some of the key advantages of our SMS Service.

No, but we at Vuyosms advise that you send a minimum of 10,000 numbers per hour to avoid congestion.

Standard SMS messages are 160 characters long. We at Vuyosms follow this standard so for every 160 characters, we shall charge as a single message.

No, we do not add any text to your messages. Some companies add some text for advertising their company; this also occupies some characters in the 160-character limit.

The average delivery time through our SMS Gateways is around 10 seconds but may take longer due to network congestion.

A credit used is a representation of a message sent. In other words, one credit is equivalent to one message. For the bulk system (one credit is equal to the number of phone numbers which have received the message).

The payment can be made through any of the available payment options like Online Mobile Money Payment, cheques, bank, and Direct Deposits at our offices.

Bought credits will get added to your account within 10 Minutes from the time of approval.

You can retrieve your password by clicking on the Forget password option on the Login page. The passwords will be reset and you will receive the new password on your registered email address.

You can retrieve your password by clicking on the Forget username option on the Login page. The username shall be sent to your registered email address.

No. It is FREE to register and you only need to pay for SMS credits.

No, there are no minimum monthly charges. Simply purchase credits whenever you need more.

SMS credits can be used at any time.

With inviting a friend you get 5 free credits (Messages) for telling a friend (through email) about the Vuyosms platform.

Send alerts, promotions, reminders, and notifications to an UNLIMITED group of people.